West Bali National Park Release Bali Starling

Hall West Bali National Park (BTNBB) has been doing the release of birds Bali Starling with the number of 10 tails in Labuan district TNBB Thatch. The event was attended by the President's Special Staff Coordinator, Drs, Teten; along with Director General of KSDAE, Ir. Wiratno, M.Sc. Birds that have a latin name Leucopsar Rothschildi is done by the method of release of soft release. Before the Bali Starling lifted the process of habituation in the enclosure. In addition to attended Tenten Marzuki and Chief of the KSDA Hall, the event was also well attended the bird community of the Ronggolawe, the heads of the villages around the region, customary bendesa, and community leaders. In a welcome event, Teten Marzuki expresses appreciation to TNBB preservation that has done. He hopes if things like this can continue to be made to the wildlife melindungai nearly extinct. Preservation of wildlife will certainly be good natural conditions for the future. How that is done is to put BTNBB party society as a subject. In addition, the society has helped wildlife preservation programs and support will also be given the award. Thus, the role of the community is very important to the success of the conservation area, processing them is with the preservation of birds Bali Starling. Current habitats of birds in the natural habitat of the Bali Starling continues to grow. It can be seen from the time series observations conducted TNBB party. According to him, in the last five years the population of Birds Bali Starling is on the rise. In 2013, there have been 32 tail that exists in nature. But with the efforts of preservation such as the number of counting. Until the year 2018, totaling approximately 141 birds Bali Starling. In the area of West Bali National Park, Bali Starling tersebat in six point locations, such as the Gulf, Ply, Labuan Bumbun Cekik, Past Cape red, dark, and Tegal Bunder.

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