Indonesia's tourism industry So New Economic strength

Tourism is now one of the sectors decisive economic movement in Indonesia. Tourism proved to be able to give a significant impact towards the economic sector first year 2018 diijadikan tourism as a leading sector by President Joko Widodo. According to one Senior Deputy Governor of Bank Indonesia Mirza Adityaswara, a visit travellers to Indonesia is expected to continue to rise and it is growing from year to year. "Of course our expectations at the Bank Indonesia managing foreign exchange reserves, the number of incoming tourists could be far more than the citizens of Indonesia are out of the country," said Mirza, on Regional Investment Forum, at the Grand Hotel Inna field. Logically if more and more tourists visit Indonesia to eat foreign exchange reserves will also rise, especially if foreign tourists to visit Indonesia was more of a vacation to Indonesia people abroad. Foreign exchange reserves Indonesia wrong from the tourism sector continues to rise from year to year, in 2016 reserves amounted to 11.3 billion us dollars. While the number of tourists visiting Indonesia in the year 2016 as many as 12 million people. Based on the capital investment Coordinating Agency (BKPM), the contribution of the tourism sector also continued to show growth. In the year 2013 recorded reached 602 million u.s. dollars or 1.45 percent of account for total national investment. Later in the semester I 2017 reach 929 million us dollars or 3.67 percent of the total national investment. Until the year 2019, the Government targets the number of foreign tourists reached 20 million people per year, as well as domestic tourists totaled 275 million people. From the tourism sector the Government is targeting a number of foreign exchange generated reached Rp 260 trillion. It's not impossible if all targets defined by the Government will be realized, for the visit of tourists coming to Indonesia would probably soon materialize with the various government programs to attract foreign tourists to Indonesia. Moreover, the current Government through the Ministry of Tourism is being articulated the New Bali Programs in various areas of tourist potential to attract tourists to Indonesia.

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