Reverse Bungy Bali 5GX excitement of Streaking High into the air

A vacation to the island of Bali is less exciting, if not try the rides or rides that adrenaline. Your courage will be tested when you try Bali 5GX rides Reverse Bungy which does not have all the way to New Zealand because there was already a Bungy 5GX Reserve in Bali. Offers a unique vehicle that can shake your adrenaline. You will be taken to feel keseruan bolted high into the air. Bali 5GX rides you'll be invited to feel the keseruan as well as tegangnya "reverse bungee". Exciting rides that shape such as a metal ball, you will sit in and use a safety belt that will be cast away in the air. In the balls you will sit with your body is protected by a safety belt, then yourself be thrown high into the air at speeds of approximately 200 km/per hour, after it bounces and spins in the air for a few minutes. The idea of a game that is in this Bali 5GX originally came from the countries of New Zealand, about 20 years ago. Now the game has been developed in about 15 countries around the world, including in Indonesia on the island of Bali. In addition to providing exciting, suspenseful and feeling of playing reserve bungee in 5GX this you can also see the beauty of the island of Bali. If you come at the time of twilight sky, then you can watch the sun set from a height. You can also view towards the sea. At night, the circumstances surrounding the spacecraft will be felt more attractive again, because there are existing lights around the spacecraft. When you enjoy the rides, you will be photographed by a camera GoPro. A variety of unexpected expressions you may be caught by the camera. The result of the camera catches you can take home and serve as mementos and evidence that you have managed to conquer extreme rides on this one. Reverse Bungy Bali 5GX location if you're curious how exciting play rides at this Reverse Bungy Bali 5GX, then you directly to its location which is at the boundary between Kuta and Legian, rather be on Highway 99 in Legian, Legian, Bali. Bali 5GX operates from 11.00 WITA until late, at around 03.00 WITA. To make it more exciting invite your spouse or your comrades are also to play in Bali 5GX. Prices Bali 5GX Reserve Bungy for you who are also interested in wanting to try the tension of playing in this Reverse Bungy Bali 5GX, then you need to prepare a budget that quite a lot. Ticket prices for two people is about $350,000 per person, when three people then the prices will be cheaper that is being £ 250,000 per person. This probe fit all for you lovers of extreme adrenaline game. For those of you who have problems with blood pressure or heart, the game is not recommended to try. And also for women who are pregnant and you are afraid of heights. A vehicle that is in this Bali 5GX structures with adequate security. Reverse Bungy Bali 5GX installed and operated by the company from New Zealand. For the sake of your convenience during play in this media, you are not advised to wear loose clothing. This is because you will be taken to blasted into the top and back down again.

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