Ahead of the elections, Polsek Celukan Bawang Do Patrols around PLTU

Simultaneous elections will be held on June 27, 2018 needed safeguards in several national vital objects. One is a steam power plant (PLTU) Celukan Bawang. Celukan Bawang kapolsek AKP Gusti Putu Arnata revealed that the activities of the patrol to guard the region Celukan Bawang conducive to keep ahead and post Elections simultaneously. The bekerjama patrol activities with Pawas Ipda Nyoman Nimlea and Member Sabhara Polsek Celukan Bawang. AKP Gusti Putu Arnata added that security around to PROVIDE needed because PLTU Celukan Bawang is a vital national objects. Celukan Bawang PLTU became one of the terbesari electricity supplier in the area of Bali. "If the electricity supply is interrupted due to disturbances ahead of elections or post-war elections then it can be bad for the Balinese people," says AKP Gusti Putu Arnata. In addition to ensure the distribution of electricity running smoothly, patrols conducted in the locality of Celukan Bawang also can provide the service employees to PROVIDE for better Onion Celukan felt safe and comfortable in carrying out its work. Director of PT GEB Abdul Djalil also appreciated the patrol conducted Polsek Celukan Bawang ranks in the area to PROVIDE. According to him, the elections simultaneously is very vulnerable to acts of rioting going on. Celukan Bawang is considering to PROVIDE vital objects then it needs strict safeguards. In addition to the case of the patrol conducted polsek Celukan Bawang, the companies are also trying to do security that comes from a member of the internal security. Even the internal security services also has been conducting training and education so that the security is there in Celukan Bawang PLTU can work professionally and in accordance with Standard Operational procedures (SOP). Director of PT GEB Abdul Djalil hoping security patrols in the area to PROVIDE Celukan Bawang can be done on a regular basis and not just ahead of the elections only.

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