The Setup Of An Exotic Nature Village Fund Less Known Timuhun

Timuhun village, Banjarangkan, Klungkung was established as the village seven years ago. But up to now the invisible there is a significant change. The status of a tourist village impressed as the label. Whether that be a development constraint? This village takes about 30 minutes from the town of Semarapura. On the way, the eye will be pampered with a vast expanse of rice paddies. Very creamy with a rural atmosphere. Far from the bustle of the breathe, fused with cool air. In this village there is Mount teak. From here, the more widely seen Klungkung mainland up to the sea. Includes plots of rice field in Selisihan Village, Klungkung. Looks neat with the dykes that are similar. There are already entered a period of harvest. Some are still tertanami rice and chili. Shows the colorful matching. Turning to the North also appears to be hills. Green, as a sign of nature is still virgin. Look also Mount Agung Karangasem, which blanketed the cloud is thin. Standing tall, shows the grandeur. Just a few meters from the parking lot to the South, there is a temple of Mount teak disakralkan local communities. Ornamental carving this temple looks classic. It really looks mataksu lined with nan. Later on, a number of tourists have come to the top of Mount teak. Not only locally, but also foreign. They enjoy nature while cycling. The potential nature of it, by the village continue to be promoted. Some facilities have also been built, including access roads, as well as concrete buildings as the location view panorama. I Putu Arsana said designation as rural tourism 2011 is already underway. But could not be denied, its development is still relatively slow. Setup can not be done to the maximum. The budget constraint becomes. The village did receive funding from Central Government. But it's still focused on the realisation of other activities that are more urgent. Road construction farmer one of them. The question of access to attractions already existing ring road. Stay the course so that the polishing his condition is getting better. In addition to the potential of nature, art and cultural activity in the village is still well maintained. It could be a synergy with tourism. Local community leaders, Wayan Buda Parvatas says touch of Government in structuring is very necessary. Fore also planned the construction of the statue of Hanuman facing towards Gunung Agung Village maskotnya who became Timuhun. The guy who was also member of PARLIAMENT for this rate of Klungkung development strategic tourist village as one of the driving force of the economy of the village. The existence of the visit, the public will have the opportunity to open a business support. The head of the tourism agency of Klungkung, I Nengah Sukasta mentions so far there has been no funding for the kucuran tourism village. It recently was limited to doing the construction to the Manager. "There is no plan for a Timuhun Setup. This year we have recently made some planning only. We also encourage the community to be able to dig into the potential of the village independently, "he said.

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