Investor Or Gambler? Fear On Something That Is Not Necessarily The

There are many people who think that gambling, investment if it is linked to what surely denganbelum invested. It's like the recently associated with investments, there is an increase in bitcoin continuous and significant looks. It's just that sudden and sometimes down bitcoin is not a safe investment. Investors certainly had its own calculation about it. There are many calculations that makes an investor will be present there. Of course associated with the BEP and whether this would be nice in the future? Certainly when compared to the gambling will vary considerably. Exactly once if the comparison of investments is gambling and investing. Java has a point of view way which is almost the same. It's just that there are huge losses when we bermmain gambling. There is a lot which can be made up as a gambler, yet few can become investors. In Java this is fair are inseparable. You have to invest appropriately in order not to like a gambler. A lot of people who do not investasinamun with the proper calculations. This would be a fatal mistake. Error calculation will result in an investment you do will be like a gambling. Better investments against certain goods rose continuously. The land purchase was the right thing, let alone the land surrounding attractions, consider it a year loss and a look at what the next year which will terjadidengan what you have invested. Associated with this tourist investment might be more appropriate. Lately the investment from tourism sector is very vigorous and this could be one of the utilization of the land which had been purchased by you and used as a tourist area. Will be a lot happening if you could change this. Certainly not the gamble label again.  

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