Director Of PT GEB Appreciation Polsek Celukan Bawang

Director of PT GEB Abdul Djalil appreciates over the patrol conducted by Unit Sabhara Polsek Celukan Bawang. It is certainly a positive impact against the company in funneling the power supply in the region. The patrol led by Aiptu Made Maharta, which started since June 21, 2018. The patrol activity is also expected to prevent the perpetrators of crimes that occurred around the area PROVIDE Celukan Bawang. "With the presence of the patrol day and night so people will feel secure in doing the activity. As for the company, patrols can facilitate the distribution of electricity supply in Bali ", said Abdul Djalil. Abdul Djalil you that security in the area to PROVIDE Celukan Bawang jga've done some time earlier, both of the company's internal security and the Polres of Buleleng. He was Platoon personnel 2 Dalmas Unit Sabhara melaukan routine patrols of Buleleng Polres around the power plant. While the internal security of the company is a member of the security pickets from each post. According to Invisible Sabhara AKP I Wayan Patra, the patrol conducted by personnel of units Sabhara around Celukan Bawang PLTU to create a sense of security for employees and also PROVIDE security in carrying out the task. In addition to area power plants, police region Celukan Bawang also patrol at some GAS STATIONS. The patrol was led Pawas Ipda Nyoman Nimlea along with members from Polsek Celukan Bawang. According to Ipda Nyoman Nimlea, the patrol was conducted because many young people are often doing so distorted and against the law. The event certainly could potentially adopt easy foray into crime, pemalakan, drugs, theft, and so on. Patrols are carried out is also useful to suppress crime rates in the region of Celukan Bawang. Celukan Bawang kapolsek AKP Gusti Putu Arnata added that safeguards activities in Celukan Bawang GAS STATION will give you a sense of security in the community and make the region conducive Celukan Bawang remain.

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