Industry Minister Invite Siemens investing in Indonesia

Ministry of industry (Kemenperin) invited companies engaged in the field of manufakur of Germany for investment in Indonesia. Kemenperin invites Siemens AG in order to continue to increase its investment in Indonesia as well as a partnership with the existing industries in the country. Siemens AG is a company that begerak in the sector of electrical engineering, energy, electronic equipment, transportation, information technology, telecommunications, equipment medisn, and lights. Minister of industry, Airlangga Hartanto reveals that it asked the company to strengthen its investment in Indonesia. Among them are in the field of education and training students. It is also to implement the industry 4.0 in Indonesia. Airlangga adds if the electronics industries in Indonesia will be manufacturing in order to produce high-value products. Products that can be produced in the form of electronic components. According to Airlangga, the way it aims to mengurahi imported raw materials on the global market. “A competent workforce, incentives, innovation, accelerating technology transfer seeta is a thing to be prepared,” said Airlangga. The Government has established the electronic industry in five priority sectors. As the pilot of the technology implementation industru fourth generation. Airlangga was convinced that if Germany is a country that could become the main direction of the industry 4.0. So to set the revolution in Indonesia need to learn and work together with Germany. One of them is about the training of HUMAN RESOURCES for industry. Related to investment, Siemens currently has built a factory of hydroelectric components such as gas and steam turbine driven battleship that sitting in Cilegon, Banten. Plan ahead, Siemens also wants to develop business development train locomotives with AC/AIR CONDITIONING technology. The technology has the advantage of a more powerful engine, fuel economy, easy care, and low exhaust emissions. Earlier, Indonesia has also been working closely with investors in several sectors of origin Germany, among other areas of health. Investors Germany accomplished health investment in Bali with international standard hospital building. The hospital was built in the area of tourism to make it easier for the foreign tourists.

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