Waterfall Timponan Lombok in West Nusa Tenggara which soothes the soul

In addition to the beaches, the island of Lombok in West Nusa Tenggara also have potential outstanding waterfalls. One of them Falls on the coral Timponan Bayan, Lingsar, West Lombok Regency. From Mataram, a road trip to the reef Bayan just half an hour. Arriving there, the vehicle can be deposited in the House of the people. Understandably, the place hasn't been so exposed and so the parking lot is not yet available to the public. Oh yes, don't forget to bring enough supplies. Because in the waterfall later unavailable stall or traders. The atmosphere around the still very natural. Trekking paths to the waterfall not too uphill. His condition is quite good, though just a track macadam (dirt road). In fact, trekking over the 1.5 hour belongs to light. Along the way, you guys will enjoy the rivers, the trees, and the atmosphere in the middle of the coffee garden belongs to the citizens. High Timponan Waterfall about 50 meters. Underneath, there is a lot of rock formations that form natural pools. , Crystal-clear water that will lure you to approaching and swim in the pool, with its natural state you must encoba the reflection of nature by letting the water rapids fall to the Agency. The water flows through the rocks and create a beautiful landscape for enshrined with snapshots of the camera. Calculate all record a trail, that you guys have ever been there. The temperature is very cold chills you guys make is very cold there, but ituakan sirna if you do indeed preparations already exists, i.e., with a heart that is joyful and happy souls also. Don't forget to bring a towel and also change clothes because if you guys let the clothes wet clothes locker without you guys surely will be troublesome. A few other visitors to only spend one day at the waterfalls of Timponan, so there is rarely a tent not dipancang in the upper part of the river. Land for camping is not too wide, just simply contains three medium-size tents only. Spend the night at the Timponan waterfall is cool, too, because you guys are able to hear the splash water in the stillness of the night. Fair, create a calming mind and menyegarkanbadan.

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