Get to know the Unique Burial in the village Make, old village in Bali

Bali became a favorite tourist destination because it has a lot of uniqueness compared to other tourist spots in Indonesia. In addition to having many places with beautiful scenery, Bali is also very thick with culture as well as customs and traditions. One of the many places visited by tourists is the village of Make. The village is entered in Bangli, and is one of the oldest villages in Bali. The village is quite close to Batur and Guung are on the ranks of the Geopark. Make a village has its own uniqueness in the process of a funeral hearse. This is because in the village Make the process of burial casket is carried out by placing the corpse in a special place which disebt seme wayah. In contrast to other funeral process in Bali are mostly done by burying or burning process (Cremation). To Make the village cemetery, there are options that can be selected i.e. by road or through line by crossing the Lake. If using landline then takes about 45 minutes. As for through Lake only takes about 15 minutes. But from the second option, the line of the Lake most widely selected as the time travelers journey which is pretty short. Visitors can rent a speed boat to a tour guide with a price that varies. After arriving at the cemetery visitors will see two temples containing skull lined and there is a special place for travelers who are going to put the money. The most interesting concern is there is a big tree called Tau Menyan which means trees with fragrance. The villagers Make believe if the corpse is placed in the immediate vicinity of the tree does not smell foul. Stepped deeper into the visitor can see many skulls and other bones. For the new corpse will usually be given a barrier made of bamboo. The barrier to protect the dead body of the beast. More tourists to know the mysteries of the Village Make as tour or museum, where many bones human bones can be found easily by visitors in one area. But keep in mind that only the person who died is reasonably which can be buried in this place. This means that people who died of unnatural or kecelakan cannot be buried in this place.

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