Tatang Koswara, Indonesia a worldwide Legend

The legend of the worldwide Indonesia turns out to be born from the world of the military. Who does not know the Tatang Koswara, an army soldier who has the ability as a sniper who is widely known as superpower countries of United States, Russia, and other European countries. Tatang Koswara even juxtaposed with the sniper or snipers legendary originated in Finland, Germany, Russia, and Canada. According to the book Sniper Training, Techniques and Weapons that are written by Peter Brookesmith, explained that Tatang Koswara entered in 14 major world's best sniper. Sniper has a lot of expertise and have a strategic role compared to other pendembak. A sniper must be able to master the technique of hiding and berkamuflase are good because they have to be on the front line. In addition to marksmanship, the sniper has also served as a Scout in order to provide the information field. Usually a sniper operating from a distance of 1500 metres by using a special barrel length weapons. One bullet one enemy to fall is the slogan belongs to Tatang Koswara. During the plunge in the world of the military, He has always been a spotlight of his superiors. Experience life in the village that makes it not so hard in following military education. Of physical training, swimming, survival, and shoot, he can go through easily. Tatang was given the opportunity to enter into a program of Mobile Training Teams trained by Captain Conway from the United States for two years. In the training, the team trained to shoot and the ability to infiltrate, camouflage, tracking, and eliminate it. From training and obtained the Tatanng increasingly expert and respected. This makes the Colonel Edi Sudrajat as personal bodyguard as well as be used as signature sniper Indonesia frequently assigned in such military operations to the battlefield in the East Tomor (1977-1978). Tatang Koswara born in Cibaduyut, 12 December 1946 and initiated his career as tamtama army. He became a sniper or snipers mainstay of Indonesia. Various military operations he finish with a gun barrel length. Tatang Koswara died of a heart attack on 3 March 2015 at the age of 68 years.

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