Waterfalls Of Salty Beaches Of Lombok Nambung Seductive Eyes

Lombok is indeed never ran out of methods to influence the astonished traveller berdecak. Beach vacation destinations such as this one. The Name Nambung Beach. The beach is located to the South of Nambung Lombok Island, in the village Pengantap, village Buwun, Kecamatan Sekotong Gold, West Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. From the city of Mataram, the journey is a four wheeled vehicles or wear motorcycle for 2 hour trip. Nambung is called Beach also with the name of Cape Jagog. Sand SURF Beaches like pepper and the silence, Nambung seems to welcome you at this beach. Nambung Beach has a wide beach with panoramic views of the sea and the charming loss ranks of hills skirting the coast. Nambung is not just mere Beach Coast in General with a stretch of surf and sand. This charming beach showing their beauty charm Salt Waterfall through Cape Jagog. Not only the tranquility of the sea and panoramic views of the hills you'll find in Nambung Beach. You will also be treated to seaweed arranged neatly along the shore. The waterfall is located at the tip of Salty Beaches Nambung. To be able to reach the beaches, you have to walk away traces of sand and rocks on the coast of Nambung. Alternative if you don't want to walk, is rent a boat belonging to local fishermen for the anticipated location of the falls. Enough to spend Rp 10,000 while boating you can feel around the coast of Nambung. Nambung Beach has great waves and run down and filled with rocks of high Crag. Buffeting waves come about the rock being look like a waterfall. You just need to be patient waiting for the sea waves are hard. This panorama always awaited the traveller who comes to this exotic place. If beaches are currently receding behind a rock cliff at the end of the beach there is a natural pool of Nambung, located in the middle ranks of the coral reef. This area is often made the area less safe for surfing, swimming or snorkeling. But, with its contents which is more populated by large fish and monsters, locations of the Gulf waters in this area are also often the purpose of fishing and catch a fish the fishermen fishing outside of Lombok. The sensation of falling water is salty on the beach this even more Nambung santer discussed in cyberspace. No wonder, more and more people are curious and want to look at this region. Although the field through fairly heavy, but a sense of exhausted will be paid off with a beautiful natural panorama.

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