Conquered it in Lombok Gili Sudak which is still Rarely known to the Traveller

Sekotong region has the potential of marine objects. The presence of beaches that are still natural and exotic alone is extremely interesting, moreover, there are also many gili island or the charming jewel in the bathtub waters of Lombok. one of them is the Gilis Sudak which relax in Lombok. The waters of Gili Sudak presents an interesting underwater aesthetic the traveller to menyelaminya. Its reefs are still awake with the good that the fish like to swim around it. The aesthetics of coral reefs as well as an assortment of colorful fish that will certainly be a pity to Miss entertainment if are in Gili Sudak. Kaliam can also try playing cano around the beach. Waves of sloping Gili Sudak is very fitting to play cano. You can rent the cano on the Manager. Play cano would be the experience of spots for you plus a panorama of rolling hills of Lombok island in the distance. Not only the aesthetics of its bottom, its shores are also awesome. Soft white sand and clean. So it sits on the edge of the beach or take a stroll with a panorama like this certainly can give you peace. Worth to the tiredness accumulates in mind. Gili is indeed not too large. The breadth of about 30 hectares. Will not take a long time when we walk around the island. Gili Sudak also in tumbuhi many trees. Lush trees here generates an atmosphere of Gili sudak be added asri. On the edge of the Beach also provided bleachers to sit or lay down while you feel the stunning views and the natural soothing song. We can also feel the meal at the edge of the beach. Gather with your friends, partner or loved ones in one table while eating a meal surrounded by beautiful panoramic ocean will certainly be very memorable. With the advantages of the dimiliknya really worth it when Gili Sudak used as a bermanja in the Sekotong Lombok Barat. Gili Sudak myself yet too crowded the traveller. Tours such as Gili Trawangan or Gili Meno which has become a mainstream Gili destinations. Gili sudak just gets a bit crowded when holidays. Gili Sudak in the village of Batu Putih, Sekotong Lombok, West. The distance is approximately 60 KM from the city of Mataram. Gili Sudak was supposed to be a vacation package together with other-Gili gili around such Sekotong, Gili Gili Nanggu and Gili, Tangkong Kedis. The trip starts from the city of Mataram reached approximately 1.5 hour road trip to port Tawun. From the port of Tawun PAL can rent a boat for crossing to gili gili sekotong region-.

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