Positive values of the eruption of Mount Agung

Mount Agung erupts and catapult the incandescent rock originating from within the crater of the volcano. The eruption of Mount Agung, happened since Monday 2 July 2018 Tuesday until Wednesday morning July 4, 2018. The eruptions are more explosive and magma coming out more fluid compared to the eruption that occurred in the past year. Strombilian is itself a torrent of incandescent lava is magma that shallow. These bursts are generally derived from the still active volcano, located on the shores and in the middle of the continent. Up to now the eruption of Mount Agung is only considered a disaster for the Balinese people, especially in the tourism sector. As we know that the tourism sector is the backbone of Bali's economy. Whereas if viewed more broadly, the eruption of Mount Agung has positive values that can be taken. This then makes the Art Studio Semara Wijaya made tembang girang "Labuh Sekar Ing Tohlangkir". The song reminds people to not only see the negative side of the eruption of Mount Agung. Some of the positive impact that is obtained is the land around Mount Agung being more fertile. In addition, with the condition of society in exile then it can be menikat the rope tighter fraternity. Sekar Lubuh song Tohlangkir Ing inspired from the eruption of Mount Agung in the year 2017. By that time the beradad community in Karangasem evacuate. From there, then the background conversation in tembang girang. The conversation explores the impact of the eruption of Mount Agung and performed by a group of teenagers that there dipengungsian. In addition, material from the eruption of Mount Agung also will be enjoyed by future posterity. The song also contains a call to evoke the spirit of the refugees so as not to be too sad and must wait to live my life.